Window/Door Screens

  • We can replace your worn or torn screen or,
  • Build new window screens to your exact measurements.

Chainsaw Blade Sharpening

  • Sharpen existing chain
  • Make new chains to fit your chainsaw

Lawnmower Blade Sharpening

  • We can sharpen lawn mower blades, and also have replacement blades for sell.

Replacement Handles for your tools

  • We can replace handles on your favorite garden and hand tools, and even wheelbarrow

Keys and Locks

  • We cut many replacement keys such as house keys, car keys, padlock keys, etc...
  • We can re-key door locks and master locks to fit an existing key you have.

Glass and Plexiglass

  • We cut replacement glass or plexiglass to your exact measurements

Pipe and Threads

  • We can cut and thread pipe for your plumbing needs

We also sometimes can repair certain small items, or help you with the tools and knowledge to repair your item yourself. We are committed to our customers, and giving them the best service that we can. Feel free to call or email with any problems or questions that require our assistance, and we will be happy to help!